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Poezia Finally you may laugh


FINALLY VOU MAY LAUGH... I must have been a fool To have so much loved you, Because you kept so cool, Although my love was true. You said you aren't free And have your obligations, Therefore you can't love me, In spite of your emotions... I doubt about what is true In your asertions, Because I didn't ask you To forget your obligations. You wouldn't have been here, Hadn't you looked foe evasion, But you played the game of fear With my sincerest emotion... May be I wasn't good enaugh For your pretentions, So, finally you can laugh Upon my temptations... The momentum we had Was so unique... Nothing comes back, If one doesn't take it..

Finally you may laugh poetul scrisa de descarca cultura poetul autor cine a scris cuvinte cartea scoala Flosavant poeti straini versuri. Versuri scrisa de descarca versuri cartea poetul descarca autor scrisa de.

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