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Poezia Loneliness


LONELINESS... I was begging for a kiss... A burning kiss, To burn my sorrow... The problem is, You could not know What was my sorrow... I guess, it was and is... The loneliness... And the desire to share Love and hapiness... Being aware Of the time left... Even if it would be a theft. Although I like to believe... I've never been a thief. Except ...when love turned out To be too crazy to be given up -- I think you can find out What I'm talking about... It is the feeling when... You think you'd have to die, If not listening to your heart... Seldom as it is, one may encounter it, Once or twice ..or more in life And live a moment of hapiness... To better withstand the...loneliness!

Descarca poet literatura Flosavant poezie cine a scris scrisa de versurile poeziei autor scrisa de poezie poezie poet versuri cuvintele rime. Poeti straini versuri de dragoste Loneliness cuvinte.

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